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Carter Middle School
Oakland, CA


A & S Engineers were the Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Engineer for this ADA compliant at Carter Middle School, part of Oakland Unified School District. This project was an HVAC Modernization including Boiler replacements. HVAC Systems and Lighting Controls were commissioned

70,000 SF

Brook Haven Middle School.jpg

Brookhaven Middle School 
Sebastopol, CA

A & S provided MEP engineering for the new kitchen that was designed for the Brook Haven Multipurpose Middle School in Sebastopol, California.

9,000 SF

Oak Grove High School
San Jose, CA

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering services for Building I (Theater building) and Building U (Classroom building). This project was a renovation, with HVAC upgrades.

25,000 SF

Santa Monica High School
                           Santa Monica, CA                             Modernization

This school modernization project included all campus buildings, replacement and improvements in utilities services, lighting system, HVAC system and fire safety system. We provided MEP engineering for auditorium, gymnasium lighting, and  HVAC upgrades.

100,000 SF

Las Positas College 
Center for the Arts
Livermore, California
New Facility

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and LEED Design engineering services for a new 2 story Center for the Arts, which would contain a 500 seat theater.  This facility was LEED Silver certified.

55,000 SF

Chabot Las Positas College
Aquatic Complex
Livermore, California

Mechanical, Electrical, And Plumbing Engineering Services for the Aquatic Complex.  The project consists of two new pools and a 2,500 SF two-level building which will house two toilet rooms, a janitor closet, three pool Chlorine/Acid Storage, and a pool equipment mechanical room. This facility will be This facility was LEED Silver certified.

25,000 SF

Foothill College

Smithwick Theatre

                Cupertino, CA                   

Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering Design and Commissioning Services for the Smithwick Theater at Foothill College. The 941-seat theater includes a stage, two large wing rooms, two downstairs dressing rooms and a Box Office. This project included major HVAC upgrades.  We worked for Monarch Mechanical on this project and the project was design/built. 

20,000 SF


Laney College

Oakland, CA


A&S ENGINEERS, INC., provided Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering services for the following Buildings in the campus:

Student Center Renovation – HVAC Upgrades for a 40,000 SF. The project is LEED SILVER Certified.

• Complex G ( Beginner’s Inn Kitchen) Renovation his project was consisting of six (6) new classroom hoods. All new HVAC Units.

BLDG C (Computer LAB) Modernization

Complex E (Central Plant) Upgrades. This project was feasibility study to add additional cooling and heating in the campus.


San Jose Evergreen Community College

Cedro Building (1) Modernization. 
Plumbing Engineering

A&S ENGINEERS, INC., worked on the following buildings with a previous employer.


  • Cedro Building (1) Modernization. The project was changing all fan coil units from the classrooms and changing Mono Flow piping system to standard four pipe system.

  • Physical Education Building (15) Modernization. The project was consist of replacing HVAC system from both East and West fan rooms and changing all Hot Water Heating Coils to VAV Boxes and Reheat coils.

  • Acacia Building (4) Modernization. This project was a HVAC Upgrades for the classrooms and the Auto Shop. The project was completed 100% and received DSA Approval, but was never built.  

El Camino College 
Student Services Building
Torrance, CA


Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing engineering design services for a New 85,000 SF Student Services Building. The two-story building on the north side of the campus, near Torrance serves as a centralized location for a variety of services for students.  The modern facility features an open, two-story atrium lobby with space for students to meet and study.

85,000 SF

Stanford Fairchild Building
299 Campus Drive.  
Palo Alto, CA

The mechanical scope of work pertaining to A&S is initial assessment of existing condition and replacement of 63 fume-hood exhaust fans on the roof and associated controls serving miscellaneous labs on all floors throughout the building. This work required us to divide the scope of work in two phases. The first phase was to survey the building and create As-Built drawings and to provide a scope of work for pre-demo air balance reading for all exhaust fans, associated fume-hoods, controls, and all VAV boxes associated to the rooms. The second phase was to evaluate the air balance report and analyze the existing ventilation system and create a new efficient system which complies with the university standards. 

Stanford University
Psychiatry and Behavioral Science Building
401 Quarry rd. Palo Alto, CA


Mechanical Engineering design services on this project.  This is a tenant improvement on the 3rd Floor, with multiple phases in which the VVT system will be remove and replaced with a VRV system.

 8,000 SF

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