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San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
San Francisco, CA



Mechanical Engineering for SFO International Airport.  The construction included departure and arrival levels, service counters, immigration stations, baggage handling operations, information systems, three (3) fan rooms, and roadway exhaust. 

1.5 M SF

SFO Long Term Parking Garage 2
San Francisco, CA

Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering.  Major features of this project include: electrical charging stations for cars, photovoltaic paneling to achieve net-zero energy consumption and a pedestrian/vehicle bridge which connects Parking Garage No. 2 to the previously existing garage

1.2 M SF

Los Angeles International Airport 
Los Angeles, CA

Mechanical and Plumbing engineering design services for the renovation of existing lounge space into new world lounge. Three airlines including British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Qantas will be joining their lounge areas. 

30,000 SF    

SFO Cargo Building 606
San Francisco, CA

Mechanical and Plumbing engineer for Building 606, an airport warehouse and office space being renovated to accommodate storage and airline office space.

73,696 SF

SFO Cargo Building 900 944
San Francisco, CA


Cargo Buildings 900 and 944 are a part of San Francisco International Airport located in CA, USA. The purpose of construction is upgrading both Cargo facilities for extension, meeting the requirements of latest building codes, accessibility standards, sustainability requirements and Airport design for future Cargo tenants. The purpose of using BIM is building renovation with 1 floor. BIM is used at the design development stage.

Building 900  207,214 SF

Building 944  55,913  SF


Richmond BART Parking Garage 

Richmond CA

Mechanical and Plumbing engineering for a new 750-space parking facility at the Richmond Intermodal BART Station. In this project we worked with Kimley-Horn who provided civil engineering, landscape architecture, traffic, parking functional design, environmental services and structural engineering. The project was CM At Risk.

800-space garage facility with 9,000 square feet of ground-floor retail

Hayward BART complex.jpg

BART Hayward Maintenance Complex (Phase 2)
Hayward, CA


BART needs increased maintenance capacity as part of its Fleet of the Future program. The Hayward Maintenance Complex (HMC) will ensure that BART’s maintenance and repair capacity is sufficient to support the new railcar fleet for both the current system and system expansions. A&S ENGINEERS is currently providing fire protection engineering services for this project. Our role is to develop performance specification for the fire sprinkler system, fire riser location and main pipe distribution.

19th Street BART.jpg

BART 19th St Oakland Bike Station
Oakland, CA


The 19th Street Oakland Bike Station is a new construction which is adjacent to the current 19th St Oakland Bike Station. This new construction will have the capacity to fit up to 400 bicycles and support the increase in bicyclists. A&S is currently providing fire protection engineering services for this project. We have created fire protection performance specifications, provided fire protection conceptual drawings and assisted architect in determining appropriate fire protection systems. We helped determine building environmental zones required and provided a rough proximity of fire risers sizes and locations.

Smart Maintenance Facility

Sonoma Area Rail Transit

Sonoma, CA

Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering.  Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) maintenance facility is a mixed occupancy with Groups S1 and Group B. The Facility was a new construction.  This facility was a replacement of the preexisting maintenance building in a different location in Petaluma

Approximately 20,000 SF.

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